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We are a software system and Data analytics services provider. Our mission is to provide Best Value solutions for our customers.

Future Insight key market advantage is the ability to leverage a wealth of experience in the IT sector.



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  • Advance Data Analytics, Data Cleansing, and Data Governance.

  • System Programming, Highly Customized Software, in C++, C#, ASP, VB.NET, VBA.

  • Statistical Insight.

  • High-Performance Computation Multi-Threading, Parallel Computation.

  • GPU Programming, OpenCL.

  • SQL Query Optimization, Writing Complex Query, Normalizing Database, Improve Database Design.

  • Creating a Customized Report out of Database.

  • Data Encryption and Application Security.

  • Languages C++, C#, VB.net, VBA, Python, NodeJS, Node Addons, SQL, NoSQL.

  • OCR Solutions. (optical character recognition).

  • Big Data Solution.

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Amazing Features & Options

Insight24: Best Arabic OCR system, Insight24 offers above 90% accuracy


Best Arabic OCR System

Insight24 offers above 90% accuracy on an acceptably clean image. Insight24 can be used to OCR a single page with many preprocessing options.


It can be used to OCR the entire image directory automatically and store the results into a customized Database with the ability to query any word in high speed.

Is built over AI

In addition, to performing OCR, Insight24 uses Machine-learning models to autocorrect the spelling errors made during the OCR process or due to initial letter formation.

Train software

You can feed the software with the dictionary of your choice in order to further improve the spelling error and OCR result.

Virtually any image formats

Insight24 has the ability to perform OCR on virtually any image formats, including tiff, jpg, PNG, PDF.

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Single Page OCR



You can perform OCR on an Image with too many preprocessing options, for example:


        • Binarizing, convert image into black.

        • Cleaning, remove the noise (salt & paper) from the Image.

        • You can resize the Image etc…

Automated OCR

  • Choose a directory, and Insight24 will       OCR any image Inside the directory.

  • Instruct Insight24 to auto correct any       spelling error using default dictionary,       or dictionary of your choice.

  • Extracted text from the OCRed Images       will be saved inside database. You can       retrieve any word, or phrase over       OCRed pages from Database

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